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Position Name Number Of Recruits Release Time
R & D Center 2 people 2021-04-10

1. Develop work instructions for each process, product packaging, performance index control, etc.;

2. Provide outsourced certification samples for leading products;

3. Continuously improve the manufacturing process, conduct standardized control of procedures and operations, solve problems that occur in the production process, and ensure standardization;

4. Familiar with mask raw materials and equipment suppliers, calculate manufacturing costs, and control manufacturing costs;

5. Cooperate with the production department to complete trial production and deal with technical problems in the trial production process;

6. Responsible for on-the-job training and daily on-the-job training for new employees.

R & D Director 10 people 2021-04-10

1. More than 3 years of work experience, experience in mask or non-woven fabric industry is preferred;

2. Proficient in various related commonly used software, proficient in using design software, strong professional ability;

3. Have a comprehensive understanding of the structure, materials and processing technology of mask products;

4. Have good teamwork and communication skills.