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At the opening ceremony of the 41st Construction Machinery Expo, Hangzhou Maixing Machinery Co., Ltd. attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony
Release Date:2019-12-31

On October 10,2018, the forty-one th China (Qingdao) construction machinery famous and excellent products expo was held in Qingdao International Expo Center. This exhibition is sponsored by China Construction Machinery famous and excellent Products Joint Chamber of Commerce, Shandong Worcester Machinery Co. , Ltd. . The exhibition is guided by the development concept of China Construction Machinery famous and excellent products production and Marketing Federation, with the mission of promoting industry norm and setting industry standard, and with the purpose of the cooperative spirit of unity, loyalty, hard work and dedication. Sentence is too long, please supply a shorter sentence. The expo is being held in Qingdao, Shandong Province, where the world's attention will be drawn to the upcoming Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in June. It is understood that the total area of the exhibition hall is 16,888 square meters, including 11,000 square meters of indoor exhibition area, Standard Exhibition Booth (3M * 3M) , Special Exhibition Booth (5M * 5M) , more than 10 exhibition advertisements, various types.